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Here are some simple calculators based on the book's analysis:

Calculate your Samuelson Share (with P/E 10 and VIX adjustments)
Note: You'll need to enable the file's data connection in order for the file to retrieve the latest P/E 10 and VIX.

Or you can use this widget:

Calculate the implied interest on a SPDR option contract

Calculate a rough estimate of your RRA. For more guidance, check out sites like myrisktolerance.com

Calculate the present value of your future savings contributions

Calculate the percentage of your final working income that will not be replaced by Social Security

In order to view these files using Internet Explorer, you will need to save the files as Excel files, NOT as .zip files. (In the Save As dialog box, change "Save as type" to "All files" and add .xlsx to the file name.)

Note these calculators are meant to illustrate general principles, not give exact advice. For more information, see our disclaimer.











Lifecycle Investing
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